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Near Real Time Sea Ice Temperatures

The 2023 station was installed by the Scott Base crew on 18 July. Refer to the blue dot on the Sentinel 1 SAR map here for the location of the station.

Below are time series plots of air temperature, snow depth and ice temperatures. Depths are measured down from the top of the sea ice which is given a reference depth of 0 m.

Please note the below contour plot is automatically generated and may contain some invalid data points which will be removed when this data is post-processed to produce a scientific-quality dataset.

Air temperature
Snow depth

Below is a temperature contour plot generated from the sea ice thermistor data. "Cool" colours (blues) indicate colder temperatures and "warm" colours (reds) indicate warmer temperatures. The depths shown on the plot are the positions of the 20 thermistors. Note that the highest themistor is located 4 cm above the ice surface.

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Go here to find out why sea ice temperature changes with depth.

The large patch of dark red at the bottom of the graph indicates that the temperature sensors at these depths are either sticking below the sea ice cover into the underlying water or are frozen into sea ice that is only a degree or so colder than the underlying water.

Refer to the station description here for further information.