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The Making of a Sea Ice Temperature Graph

The signal from the temperature probe is fed into a Campbell Scientific data logger which is housed inside of a plastic box which sits on legs on the surface of the sea ice. A computer program running on the data logger controls how often the temperatures are recorded. A radio located next to the data logger inside the box then sends the temperature signal to a computer in the Hatherton Lab at Scott Base via a base station radio installed at the top of Crater Hill.

The animation located here shows the path the data takes as it is travels from the mass balance station, to the base station on Crater Hill and finally on to the Hatherton Lab at Scott Base. From here, the data are routinely transferred to a computer at the University of Otago.

Once the data has arrived at the University of Otago, it is automatically processed to generate the temperature graph shown on the webpage. This is accomplished using a combination of computer server script files and the Python scripting language.